Women’s Health

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Complex and Natural

TLJ Aesthetics MD understands the unique, special, and sometimes complex needs and concerns of women. Dr. Jacobson, a women’s health doctor in Issaquah, has an in-depth understanding of these complexities, as she is a board-certified internist and aesthetics physician. From intimate health and aesthetic beauty to physical and emotional health, TLJ is here for women who truly desire to be the best version of themselves—as naturally as possible.

Your individual concerns are carefully assessed and together, a treatment care plan is established that you can feel good about. Know your concerns have been heard and that you’ve been given the information necessary to make the informed choices that are right for you.

Comprehensive Care

TLJ has been called a convenient “one stop shop” by many of our female patients who feel a little like they are spending a day at the spa with entrusted friends and updating that pap in the same visit. Sound kinda funny? That’s the beauty of getting comprehensive care at a medical spa and women’s health doctor in Issaquah at TLJ Aesthetics MD—caring for you, inside and out!

Team TLJ

Dr. Jacobson and her team of medical providers and staff have worked closely with women and their healthcare needs for over 25 years. They understand the unique and special needs that female patients truly have.  Their knowledge and expertise help their patients with a wide range of concerns. Dr. J has tailored much of her education and training on the needs of women specifically.At TLJ, the standard of women’s healthcare is working directly with physicians and surgeons who have developed the very techniques used her to treat issues such as bladder leakage, vaginal dryness, vaginal laxity due to hormone changes or childbirth, and recurrent UTIs.  Doing so ensures the treatments you receive are optimal for the best results.

What kinds of treatments and interventions are helpful?
Feminine/Intimate Rejuvenation Treatment
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Local Hormone Treatment

Other standards our team feels strongly about include avoidance of over-treating, unnecessary testing, and overprescribing.  Evidence- based medicine and treatment are of the utmost importance.  For women, balancing health and fitness, emotional health, and cosmetic concerns are much easier with TLJ on your team.

Team at TLJ Aesthetics MD