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A Trusting Relationship

Establishing a trusting relationship with your primary care doctor is paramount to maintaining excellent health.

Typical medical issues managed in our practice include, but are not limited to:

Heart Disease
Women’s Health
Perimenopause & Menopause
Depression/ Anxiety
Prevention/ Annual Physical
Urgent Care

TLJ Aesthetics MD is a convenient combination of Aesthetic Medicine, non-surgical & minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, and Internal Medicine – Primary Care.

TLJ Concierge Primary Care

When it comes to your primary healthcare, communication with your provider and time spent understanding your needs and concerns is essential. Early on, Dr. J came to realize just how difficult it was to have that kind of relationship with her patients under the constraints of what today might be called a traditional practice. Out of a mutual desire for a personal and accessible internal medicine – primary care practice in Issaquah, our membership concierge model of practice was developed in 2007.

TLJ Concierge Primary Care is an important asset for patients that also choose to get their primary care at TLJ. Medical patients have the added comfort of knowing that Dr. Jacobson’s training and background as a Registered Pharmacist gives her added insight into pharmacology and medication mechanisms, interactions, risks, and benefits, helping to ensure that when medications are needed you have the benefit of additional expertise on your healthcare team.

We provide aesthetic care and healthcare for both men and women. And an important area of emphasis at TLJ is women’s health and wellness, addressing issues around the menopausal transition which starts around 40, for many women. Dr Jacobson saw the need to educate women about hormones and critical health care decisions to be made during this delicate period of a woman’s life. Evidence based medicine and education are desperately needed for women. Choices made about hormone therapy or lack thereof, can impact women now and later in life and we are happy to be part of that learning curve.

At TLJ, we are caring for you, inside and out.

TLJ Aesthetics MD
TLJ Concierge Primary Care

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Caring for You, Inside and Out

Early on in medical practice, Dr. Jacobson saw the connection between looking good and feeling good—and the connection between outer beauty and inner health. It’s not uncommon at TLJ to hear a patient utter “I know it seems vain, but…” However, after exploring solutions to cosmetic concerns, they discover an improved vibrancy and desire to be their best and healthiest self.

Where along the spectrum of services do you prefer to receive your care? The choice is always yours.

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TLJ Concierge Primary Care

Internal Medicine – Family Medicine – Primary Care – Women’s Health at TLJ


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The Concierge Model

The concept of the “concierge” way of managing patients was born in the mid-’90s in Seattle Washington. Despite being a much more available option for patients, it is still largely unheard of and even commonly misunderstood.

The goal of concierge medicine was to create a model where patients and their doctors were able to develop a trusting relationship, where access is easy, appointments are un-rushed, and “everybody knows your name.”



Team at TLJ Aesthetics MD

Referrals to Specialists

We may occasionally refer a patient to a specialist when necessary. Although Dr. J is affiliated with local hospitals, referrals to specialists are only made to best suit your needs—not simply to promote an organization or hospital affiliation. This ensures you get the best specialty care when you need it. To Dr. J, this independence is one of the most important reasons for being an independent private practice.


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Aesthetic vs. Internal Medicine

At TLJ Aesthetics MD, we are truly caring for our patients inside and out by providing a unique range of services designed to meet the needs of each individual. You decide where along that spectrum of services we can best serve you. Some of our patients prefer to see us strictly for aesthetic care, others only internal medicine, while many prefer to take advantage of the full practice. Our internal medical program differs from more traditional clinics, where a patient panel size is on the order of 3,000 to 4,000 patients. In our concierge practice, known as CloseCare, the capacity of patients is only about 300. This ensures we are able to keep the promises we make to you and ensure the care we provide is close, convenient, and intimate. We manage CloseCare through a membership structure, and not uncommonly there is a small waitlist to join. Aesthetic patients not participating in CloseCare simply see us for aesthetic concerns and feminine rejuvenation rather than full primary medical care; no membership of any kind is required.

Meet our founder, Dr. Terry Jacobson


Dr. Terry Jacobson is a board-certified medical doctor specializing in internal medicine and aesthetic medicine. She is the founder of TLJ Aesthetics MD and TLJ Concierge Primary Care and has practiced internal medicine and primary care in Issaquah Washington since 1998.

Dr. Terry Jacobson


Doctors specializing in internal medicine focus on prevention, diagnosis, disease management in male and female adults, while family medicine encompasses people of all ages.  At TLJ Concierge Primary Care, we have both family and internal medicine trained providers.  Our focus is on patients 16 and older.

At TLJ Concierge Primary Care, our providers emphasize prevention and early detection of a wide range of diseases. Services range from annual wellness visits, pap smear, contraception to urgent care visits, and management of conditions including but not limited to:

  • Thyroid disease
  • Depression/ anxiety
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • High Cholesterol
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Asthma
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux
  • Skin Cancer detection
  • Acne/ Rosacia
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Menopause/Perimenopause – Hormone Replacement Therapy

TLJ is a unique combination of 2 practices, Aesthetic Medicine and Primary Care (Internal Medicine and Family Medicine).  Both divisions of the practice are our high priority. As of 2024, we have 6 different providers, each with a specialized and unique set of skills and training to ensure you get the best care possible.  Here you can get comprehensive care in one location.  From your annual wellness visit/ physical exam to your Botox or laser treatment,  you will see a provider with the training and expertise to help you. At TLJ, we are caring for you, inside and out.

The focus of obstetrics and gynecology is typically on women who are having babies (obstetrics) and women having issues involving the genital tract requiring surgery (gynecology).  In women seeking contraception, menopause management,  hormone replacement therapy, urinary incontinence, pap smear for cervical cancer screening, among other common issues women face, our medical providers at TLJ Concierge Primary Care are trained to help you so you don’t need a second doctor under most circumstances for issues such as these.

No.  TLJ Concierge Primary Care is a private medical practice, in a safe and intimate location in the heart of Issaquah at the HighMark Medical Center.  The founder of the practice,  Dr Terry Jacobson, has privileges at Overlake Hospital, however, the practice is independent of any hospital or medical organization.  At TLJ, we have the flexibility to utilize specialists from any organization or any ER / hospital of our patients choosing.  There is no pressure to stay within one system.

Yes.  We are contracted with most major insurance carriers.  Patients are responsible for the typical copays and co-insurance in most medical practices. We are a concierge model of care, meaning that we provide much longer appointment times, markedly easier and timely appointment times, more optimal communication as well as other items not covered by insurance. For more information on concierge care, click here

TLJ Concierge Primary Care is an independent internal medicine primary care practice in Issaquah for over 25 years. We have developed relationships with a variety of specialty care provided on the Eastside and Seattle. We work with our patients to choose the best fit for them, regardless of what hospital or clinic system the specialist is affiliated with.

Yes. Our patients’ privacy is our top priority. We follow strict HIPPA policies and procedures to ensure you never need to worry about privacy.

There is no length of obligation if you choose TLJ for your primary care. If circumstances change for any reason, you are free to transition your care without any financial penalty.

Our founder, Dr Terry Jacobson, saw the need 25 years ago to make a change in the way primary care is delivered. Patients and providers do not have the time they need in a visit to ensure all of patients’ issues are thoroughly addressed. Long wait times and frustrating communication with providers and care coordinators are not acceptable. Urgent Care facilities are over utilized given the lack of availability of primary care doctors, so patients continuity of care suffers and medical problems slip through the cracks with a fragmented approach to care. At TLJ, our patient panel size is capped at about 10% the typical panel size to ensure you can see your provider when you need to and spend the time necessary to get the care you deserve.

We did not invent concierge model of medical practice, but when our patients began asking for a different way of doing things, we responded with a solution. And… never looked back! Welcome to a better of receiving comprehensive medical and preventative care at TLJ.

For more information on concierge care, click here

Yes. We care for both women and men, as well as their teen and adult children, 16 years of age and older. Have a teen right on the border of our age requirement? No problem, we can discuss your needs and help with a solution.

Simple. Text or call our office to arrange a meet and greet appointment to chat with our provider(s) who’s panel is open to new patients. This is a complimentary visit to discuss your needs and how our practice works. Medical care and advice will be given once you establish care with us.

Start your journey to better healthcare.

Learn how comprehensive medical care can affect positive change in your life. See if TLJ Concierge Primary Care membership is a good fit for your ongoing health needs.

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Women’s Health

Women’s Health

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Dermatological Care

Dermatological Care

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