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Beyond Basic Skincare

 As you live, work, and lead an active lifestyle much longer than generations before, you want to look as healthy and energetic as you feel.  Your skin is the largest organ of your body.  Take care of it with medically guided dermatologic care in Issaquah.

TLJ Aesthetic MD – Medical Providers

 At TLJ Aesthetics MD, our team of physicians and PA-Cs are here to ensure you aren’t only getting a cosmetic treatment or a medical appointment that completely disregards the health of your skin but have an advocate in that regard.

Medical dermatologic issues including precancerous lesions, cancerous lesions, acne, rosacea, and more can all easily be overlooked in other settings with providers of different training.

Our intent is to detect an abnormal appearing lesion before it becomes a real problem, make a diagnosis, and when necessary, get you to the best specialist for problems outside the scope of our medical aesthetic and medical practice.

At TLJ, your cosmetic appearance is important, and we are here to help you with your aesthetic goals.  Whether you are an Aesthetic patient, a Concierge Medial patient, or both, the health of your skin is an even bigger priority, and we are happy to be of assistance.

Team at TLJ Aesthetics MD
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Aesthetics & Skin Care

What signs of aging are popping up that you want to prevent? TLJ takes the responsibility of educating you about your skin very seriously.

Conversations commonly begin with talking about sunscreen and damage prevention at TLJ Aesthetics MD. Next, we discuss skin cancer detection and more prevention. We also provide you the most effective steps for skincare you can exercise outside the office while offering a wide range of nonsurgical, noninvasive treatments in-office that prevent the signs of aging and keep you looking and feeling your very best.

Many TLJ patients have been clients for over 20 years. That alone tells us something about the results we can achieve, and the degree of trust we establish, when our patients opt to “grow up” with TLJ.

While some focus their care plan at TLJ Aesthetics MD on the skin and other aesthetic concerns, others enjoy the convenience of adding internal medicine – primary care to the services they receive with us. Wherever your needs fit along that spectrum, TLJ is here for you.

Start your journey to better healthcare.

Learn how comprehensive medical care can affect positive change in your life. See if TLJ Concierge Primary Care membership is a good fit for your ongoing health needs.