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Physicals Issaquah

How often do you need a physical? Here’s a good guide.

Women in childbearing years

Women 50 and over

Men under 50*
Every 3 years

Men 50 and over

*If you have a family history of prostate or colon cancer, start annual physicals at age 40.

What is a physical for?
Early detection and prevention of disease, is your key to health.

What’s in a physical?
We’ll review all your body’s systems to determine which screening tests are recommended for your age, health and family history. For our women patients, pap smears and breast exams are naturally part of each complete physical.

What isn’t covered?
Since a physical covers a lot of ground, it’s not the best time to discuss a list of new or chronic problems. Instead, set up a separate visit to discuss these first. Please recognize, of course, that separate visits generate separate billing. This is standard practice in medicine.