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Feminine Rejuvenation and Restoration (FRandR) FAQs Issaquah

Is this surgery? What is the downtime?

FRandR, at TLJ Aesthetics MD of Issaquah, is a non-surgical in-office technique using very comfortable thermal energy to affect positive changes in function and even appearance of the urogenital system. There is no downtime associated with ThermiVa and our patients resume all of their normal activity as soon as immediately after their treatments.

Is this painful?

Treatment of FRandR is very comfortable. Our patients are always relieved within moments of their first treatment that it truly is.

What are the side effects?

ThermiVa is a very safe treatment. We have not encountered any side effects or problems associated with it.

How soon will I see results?

Just as individuals are unique, we see onset of results vary with patients from immediately after one treatment to a few treatments.

How many treatments are necessary and are results permanent?

3 treatments are recommended one month apart. Generally the effects continue to improve after the initial 3 treatment series is completed and will last about a year, longer for some. Most individuals like to maintain the effects with a singe treatment once or twice a year thereafter. Time out of your schedule requires less than ½ hour once you arrive to the office.

Will this eliminate the need for hormones and medications to help manage dryness or incontinence? What about helping me avoid surgery?

In many cases, absolutely.

Sexual function has never been a problem but will I experience better orgasms?

For women who have issues with sensitivity, RFandR can be an amazing treatment. However, we do have patients with normal function often report more satisfying and even multiple orgasmic function after ThermiVa treatments.

How do I know if I am a candidate for this?

It is important to talk with Dr. Jacobson about who the ideal candidates are for FRandR and ensure you understand the typical outcomes of this and any treatment we provide. There is a wide array of urogenital issues that can be addressed with this easily tolerated treatment.

What percentage of your patients have been satisfied with ThermiVa?

The overwhelming majority of our patients have been so satisfied they say they would, without hesitation, recommend this treatment to their friends and family. As always, outcome is related to identifying who are the best candidates for any treatment. Dr Jacobson thoroughly evaluates every patient prior to determining this to ensure optimal experience and successful outcomes.