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Questions & Answers

What is CloseCare?

CloseCare is the name of our concierge practice at the TLJ Aesthetics MD of Issaquah.

What is a concierge practice?

A concierge primary care practice is committed to personalized quality medical care and services designed to make seeing and communicating with your provider more effective and convenient for you. Typically the number of patients seen in a concierge practice is a small fraction of the typical 3,000 patient panel a given provider may manage. This enables your doctor to focus more on you and your family’s needs.

Who is right for CloseCare?

There is no stereotype of individual that values the concierge model of practice. Our CloseCare patients vary tremendously by medical needs, age, occupation and lifestyle. Some of our patients see us annually while others see us frequently. Joining CloseCare is really about an individual’s philosophy of what is of value when it comes to their health and happiness. It is a personal choice.

Do I have to join?

Joining CloseCare is a choice. Our internal medicine/ primary care practice is limited to CloseCare (concierge) patients, however, CloseCare is not applicable to patients we see only for aesthetic services and treatments.

How do I join?

Simple. Return the information requested in the CloseCare agreement available in our office or online. Please be aware that enrollment is limited.

What if I enroll but later decide that this option is not right for me?

No problem. We ask that you provide us with written notification of your change and we will make transferring your records to the practice of your choice as easy as possible for you.

If I ever chose to leave this practice but later decided to return is that an option?

Yes. Simply call our office. Because enrollment is limited we can inform you of availability of space in our practice.

Is the monthly fee in addition to my insurance? What about my HSA?

Yes. The CloseCare fee is for services that aren’t covered by insurance. The monthly fee is designed to be affordable to most individuals who value this concept and can be conveniently paid monthly, semiannually, or annually. Check with your Health Savings or Flexible Spending Account administrator to see if the fee is considered a benefit under those programs for you. You may contact our office to discuss the best approach to this option.

What about my family? We’re all seen at TLJ Aesthetics MD of Issaquah?

To make CloseCare affordable, family and extended family packages are available. Individuals or entire families are welcome in CloseCare depending upon your preference and needs.

How does joining CloseCare affect how my insurance is billed?

Your insurance will be billed for office visits in the traditional manner. We are preferred providers under all major plans including Medicare.

I have more questions.

You may phone our office or make an appointment to speak with Dr. Jacobson in the office. We look forward to talking with you more about CloseCare and our commitment to your health and happiness.