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Soft Tissue Fillers Issaquah


Rounded, well-defined and kissable lips whisper “young” and “beautiful.” If, instead, your lips are tattling your age, consider a soft tissue filler like Restylane™ or Juvéderm™.

Made from a clear, purified substance that occurs naturally in young skin, these fillers fill in your wrinkles, adds natural volume and leaves lips soft and kissable.

Treatments take less than an hour, so you can come in Friday afternoon and be back at work – and smiling a beautiful, soft and 10-years-younger-looking smile – on Monday morning.

Results are predictable, reliable and immediate, downtime is minimal, and fillers also work beautifully on “smile lines” and marionette lines (commonly called “the parenthesis), cheeks for a beautiful lifting action and finer lines and wrinkles. Dr Jacobson is an experienced injector of other fillers and frequently employs Voluma, Radiesse and Belotero as well depending upon the location and concern her patients have.

Your body will absorb the treatments over time and you will need periodic follow-up visits, to maintain the effect, for some only once annually. If not maintained, the area treated simply slowly returns to it’s original appearance.

With fillers, and all other aesthetic treatments, our goal is a natural, beautiful result that leads people to wonder how you stay so well rested and youthful.

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