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Collagen Induction Therapy Issaquah

When it comes to textural issues associated with imperfections as a result of acne or simply aging skin, there are a number of options for treatment. Consulting your physician for the best treatment for your particular concern is a must to ensure optimal results with minimal downtime. Collagen induction therapy is a great option for skin dullness, laxity and textural issues. Downtime is minimal when we employ the combination of Eclipse Micropen and PRP (Plasma Rich Protein). By creating small tissue injury followed by application of a small sample your own blood’s plasma, Dr Jacobson is able to harness the power of your own body and immune system to stimulate collagen in problem areas of your skin. You see, PRP contains growth factors historically used to treat orthopedic injuries and promote optimal dental implant healing. Now we also use it for cosmetic purposes to make the skin more naturally youthful, bright and healthy.

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